The World Needs Some Hope Right Now

We are feeling a great deal of stress these days. A worldwide pandemic, the inability to rationally discuss differing political and religious views, social media, racial and gender tensions, technology angst, constant exposure to screens, and the like, all create anxiety for a majority of our population. Unfortunately, anxiety is one of the springboards for […]

Katoe Waler Talks About The Sting of Media

The Sting of Media

Life isn’t for the weak. Sure, it is magical, mysterious, and full of love. However, it can also be dark, scary, and full of hatred. So I choose to surround myself, my thoughts, my desires, and my lifestyle towards the greater good. In my career, I have worked with many struggling in life. They may […]

Self Awareness: Fight Well

Do you ever struggle to get along with others? Of course. We all do. Put two people in a room together long enough and you will eventually find something about which to disagree. Take a minute to consider your last disagreement with someone? What was it about? Did you start it or did she/he? How […]

What a Therapist Can Do for You

Being just weeks into a new year, there is still time for setting intentions and goals for your present and make plans for where you’d like to move toward in the years to come. There are many reasons to find a therapist to help you; depression, anxiety, disordered personality, grief, relationship strain, parenting, and the […]

Looking Back on 2020

I keep hearing podcast hosts, new casters, and other people expressing disdain for 2020. They use phrases like: “I’m so glad it’s over.” “Nothing good came from 2020.” “Let’s just forget it and move toward something better in 2021.” “I’m sure everyone agrees with me.” I totally understand the sentiments of disdain. With all due […]

A Look Back at 2020

The title of this particular blog may force a deep sigh for many of you. I think the general consensus is that 2020 has had an enormous strain on everyone. However, I am beginning to hear stories of some folk who are finding the good in it. So in an attempt to summarize, I will […]

5 Thinking Hats Technique

Many people struggling with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, ask for ways to calm themselves and slow their minds. One of the best grounding techniques I’ve learned, along with deep breathing (7-11 breathing), is the 5 Thinking Hats Technique. It engages our senses, which is important because our senses ignite our thoughts. Our thoughts ignite an […]

Protecting Yourself From Isolation

A mentor and friend, Dr. Michael Godfrey, shared this quote with me recently, I know of no more potent killer than isolation. There is no more destructive influence on physical and mental health than the isolation of you from me and of us from them. -Dr. Philip Zimbardo In a world suffering from the throes […]

Surviving Fear

If you are a Star Wars fan, you might remember in Episode One, Anakin stands before the Jedi Council and Yoda says, “I sense much fear in you. Fear is the path to the Dark Side.” Here is a clip. The more I have worked with people through the years, the more I realize fear […]