At Revitalist, we strive to advocate for people groups, educate the masses, and erase the stigma of mental health to address these issues and bring a sense of peace in our community, other parts of the state, our country, and globally.

Obviously, the pandemic has changed the world in a number of ways. In particular, it changed the landscape of mental health and mental health needs in communities. There now exists an even greater need to provide care to those suffering from mental illness, even more so for those whose illness has become exacerbated by the pandemic.

As I have spoken to therapists and clinicians in mental health in several parts of the country, it is clear that people are suffering from increased anxiety and depression at all levels caused by lock downs, quarantines, and fears of uncertainty from the pandemic. Normally, anxiety and depression feed one another. When combined with traumatic experiences and personality types, people may develop more harmful mental health issues.

The pandemic intensifies these basic symptoms of anxiety and loneliness due to increased stress of the unknown and isolation from loved ones and community. Add to the crisis our polarizing political climate and emotions remain unregulated, creating more conflict and anxiety. As those symptoms increase, the various needs in treatment increase. Additionally, the stigma of mental health discourages people from reaching out to receive help they need.

At the heart of the stigma lies the false belief that mental health issues are something a person can think their way out of. Though psychotherapy is a valuable tool, in many cases easing the symptoms of mental health conditions will require a multifaceted approach. In recognition of the reality of treatment, Revitalist’s team is multidisciplinary and designed to treat mental health from a number of independent angles.

Revitalist is leading the charge in a new era of mental health treatment and overall wellness. Whether it’s through innovative new treatments like ketamine infusions, replenishment of essential nutrients, or guided psychotherapy with dedicated counselors, Revitalist can defend from the symptoms of mental health disorders on all fronts. Mental health treatment is complex and takes not just time, but dedication and compassion. If depression was something a person could just will themselves out of, then they would. Instead, it requires empathy and innovative approaches to help restore one to their best self.

Revitalist has always looked into various ways we can meet the needs of our community and provide a multitude of wellness options. As we look to expand our services to meet the ever growing needs of the community and the nation, we will continue to find ways of bringing healing to our community and provide support to more providers and clinicians.

If there is a need you believe we should know about, reach out to us and we will try to find new and innovative ways to support the community.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash