Kathryn Walker: Providing Consistent & Compassionate Care With Ketamine Therapy

Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, speaks with Kathryn Walker, MSN, APRN, CRNA, SPMHNP, and CEO of Revitalist Wellness. Kathryn talks about the importance of offering quality care for patients and providers. She shares her experiences opening and running her Ketamine practice and discusses the process of […]

Kathryn Walker on Behind the Shield

Behind The Shield · Kathryn Walker – Episode 559 Kathryn Walker is the CEO of Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness (CSE: CALM) (OTC: RVLWF) (FSE: 4DO) which serves as a publicly traded company. She is one few entrepreneurial females in the publicly traded space of psychedelics.  Kathryn worked at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Tennessee […]

Revitalist on Listens Live November 10, 2021

Listens Live! Interviews Revitalist WAVE 3 Listens Live! Revitalist Louisville · November 10, 2021 Revitalist stands proudly with our Veterans by having a specific division for our Military Professionals. Thank you for your services and sacrifices. Happy Veterans Day.

Revitalist CEO Kathryn Walker Receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Wonderland, Miami

VANCOUVER, BC, November 10, 2021 – REVITALIST LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS LTD. (“Revitalist” or the “Company”) (CSE: CALM) (OTC: RVLWF) (FSE:4DO) is pleased to announce that Revitalist CEO Kathryn Walker has received Microdose’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at Wonderland: Miami, the largest psychedelic medicine business event. Kathryn founded Revitalist with one clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee […]

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness Joins Scorpio 5K

https://vimeo.com/600510680Revitalist’s CEO, Kathryn Walker, sported a shirt that read, ‘Therapy is for the STRONG’ over Labor Day Weekend while participating in the annual Scorpio 5K that helps fund Sullivan County’s SWAT team.  Not only is police work the second highest profession of those who suffer from PTSD–second only to Military Service–but approximately 15% of officers […]

Understanding Our Emotions

When we speak of emotions like love, sadness, or joy, we often say it comes from our hearts. Actually,  Emotions come from the limbic system.  Knowing this fact can help you manage your emotions more effectively. INSIDE OUT – More about the Limbic System A few years ago, Disney created the movie, Inside Out.  The […]

Innovative Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

Revitalist is a top-down, personalized, evidence-based approach to holistic health designed to provide the latest medical scientific approach to mental health treatment. Revitalist is leading the charge in a new era of mental health treatment and overall wellness. Whether it’s through innovative new treatments like ketamine infusions, replenishment of essential nutrients, or guided psychotherapy with […]


What’s Ketamine and Revitalist All About?

Recently, I have seen a great deal of questions and misunderstanding on social media about Ketamine and how it works to help with mood disorders. As a result, I hope to help create some brief but basic content to help answer some common questions and concerns. HISTORY & RESEARCH Ketamine was synthesized in the 1960s […]