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(FAQs Are Listed Below The Guide)

This handout is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

If you are in a life-threatening situation, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at +1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

There are three pillars of focus to maximize your at home oral ketamine experience. Please refer to this resource guide for hopeful enhanced treatment benefits.


Your safety is the most important to us at Revitalist. Our team recommends that you have another trusted informed adult in the home while you are conducting your ketamine session.

Please do not drive a vehicle (car, bike, motorcycle, etc.) or operate heavy machinery following your ketamine treatment until you have had a full night’s sleep.

To prepare for a comfortable experience, please refrain from eating solid foods three hours prior to the treatment. Also, please refrain from liquid consumption up to one hour prior to the session. Please hold all forms of alcohol, cannabis, opiates, and benzos six hours before and six hours after the treatment.

You should not alter your prescribed medications in any way, unless you are directed by a trained medical provider and/or your prescribing physician.

Become familiar with common and expected side effects of your ketamine treatment. This will help to manage your expectations of a dissociative experience.

Common symptoms include: altered sense of time, anxiety, blurred vision, diminished ability to see/feel/hear (out of body experience), dry mouth, temporary elevated blood pressure and heart rate, excitability, mental confusion, mild nausea, slurred speech, rapid eye movements, and synthesia (mixing of senses). All side effects are typically short lived and will diminish after the treatment.


The set component refers to your “Mind-Set” prior to your treatment session. It is recommended that you create an intention for yourself prior to the treatment. Intentions serve as your homebase for the session and a place to ground your thoughts. Intention examples include: “I want to be more connected to others”; “I want to let go of things that no longer serve me”; “I want to feel less sad.”; etc.

It is important to keep an open mind and try not to set an agenda for your session as your mind will guide you through your journey but your intention can be your home base to return if things become or feel overwhelming. Intentions are also encouraged to be documented in a journal or saved to help guide integrative aftercare.

As Ketamine promotes psychological flexibility, some thoughts will come and go but you will have more control over your breathwork. Taking deep breaths in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth can also help to ground and reset yourself during the ketamine experience.


Prior to your ketamine treatment, promoting and fostering a safe and comfortable environment can make all the difference. Wear comfortable clothes, take your shoes off, grab comfy blankets and have all of your creature comforts to be nearby. It’s helpful to recline in appropriate seating, use low lighting, and minimize external sounds and distractions. 

Eye masks and headphones are often used to help decrease distractions as well. Grounding items to aid a supportive environment include ambient music without lyrics, light projectors, weighted blankets, and/or relaxing and soothing aromas.

Supportive Resources


List of hotlines, warmlines, resources, manuals, and free counseling options


Call or Text 62-FIRESIDE from 11:00am – 11:00pm PST for post psychedelic trip support and visit the website for additional resources.

Crisis Phone/Text Lines

Text “4HOPE” to 741741 (Ohio only) Text “GO” to 741741 (Nationwide)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Lifeline Chat: National Helpline for Substance Abuse: 800-662-4357 National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4673

Online Crisis Network: imalive.org

Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network: www.rainn.org Trevor Lifeline for LGBTQ Youth: 866-488-7388 Trans Lifeline for Transgender People: 877-565-8860

Revitalist Home Ketamine FAQs

Your Doctor (MD)

You will be assessed by a medical doctor. During your medical consultation, your Doctor’s sole responsibility will be to assess your condition and prescribe as well as discuss and answer your questions specifically related to medication dosage, frequency and titration plans, medical interactions with other prescribed medications, expected course of treatment and highest dosages.

Please note however, the doctor will not discuss the psychotherapeutic aspects and expectations of home Ketamine. This will handled by our preparation team after your initial meeting with our medical doctor. The doctor’s sole responsibility is to evaluate you for your home Ketamine prescription.

After your initial medical consultation if you have further medical questions specifically related to your prescription please reach out to our Revitalist Admissions Coordinators and they will get your questions answered from the Doctor or have our medical staff directly reach out to you. You can reach our Admissions Coordinators at 833-358-1539 or at [email protected].

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please immediately dial 911.

Your Preparation Team

Once you complete your medical assessment and your prescription has been determined and approved, you will meet shortly after with one of our preparation team who will walk you through vital information to assist you with your home ketamine experience.

Your Psychotherapist or Coach

If you have purchased our psychotherapy or coaching services, you will work with one of our psychotherapists or coaches who will provide help during your treatment.

Your Admissions Coordinator Team

Our helpful admissions coordinator team will be there to assist you in getting answers from our clinical and medical team. Please note only our medical doctors can discuss medication related questions.

Once the doctor sees you (the patient) in the telemedicine remote video session, the doctor sends the prescription to the pharmacy following the appointment. When you receive your Home Ketamine Perscription, the instructions for taking the perscription will be labeled on the product.
The supplements are mailed in a separate package and is processed and delivered to the address you provided, separately.

Once the doctor sees the patient in the telemedicine remote video session, the doctor sends the prescription to the pharmacy following the appointment. It typically takes the pharmacy 2-3 business days to process all prescriptions and 2 business days to ship the medication. So, it typically takes 5-6 business days to receive your medication after your telemedicine appointment is held.

Typically shipping with take 10 days.
UPS. It is what the pharmacy uses to ship medication and unfortunately cannot be changed.
Yes. Since it is a controlled substance, a signature is required. Please be aware some delivery drivers may still drop it off without obtaining a signature, however this is not standard procedure.

The appointment with the physician is typically 15 minutes in length.

Dosage and frequency depend on a multitude of factors, including past Ketamine experiences. Patients are typically prescribed one to several doses a week. This is ultimately determined by the physician during the consultation. Treatment plans are personalized to the patient and their specific needs. Only one month of medication is prescribed at a time.
The dissociative effects last for approximately 30-60 minutes, and a return to physical baseline occurs within several hours.
Ketamine absorption is affected by food, caffeine, sugar, and other medications. To mitigate dosing issues, taking the medicine first thing in the morning prior to any oral intake, including medications, should alleviate any potential absorption issues. This is just a recommendation. If a patient’s schedule does not allow for morning dosing, then they are free to do treatments when time permits.
Ketamine is a safe medication. However, nausea and possible vomiting happens in a small subset of our patients. Small incremental dosing usually avoids those problems. Ketamine may cause temporary dizziness or disorientation, but these effects are short lived. If a patient develops hives or any other perceived medication related issue, they should immediately stop using Ketamine and not use it again until they speak with their physician.
Please hold all forms of alcohol, cannabis, opiates, and benzos six hours before and six hours after the treatment. You should not alter your prescribed medications in any way, unless you are directed by a trained medical provider and/or your prescribing physician.
You will be sent an email link to access your videos and they will include Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness.
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