A Change in Perspective

What do you see in this picture? A dark hole in the ground? Look again. Look for something less dangerous. Do you see it? It’s a bale of hay casting a dark shadow on the ground that looks like a dark hole. The reason you see the negative first is because your brain is wired […]

What Do I Do With these Emotions?!?

A few days ago, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced that the state’s stay-at-home order will end on April 30, providing the opportunity for many non-essential businesses to re-open on May 1. Some businesses are being allowed to open as early as next Monday. As expected, this has created a variety of emotional reactions for the […]

Practicing Self-Regulation

People close to you may be watching you handle this pandemic. Heck. They even may be learning how to respond by observing you. What are you teaching them? Panic? Fear? Anxiety? Or might they find there are ways to be a better human being during this time of crisis? Yes. Crisis can actually bring out […]

Turn Your Empathy Outward – GIVE

Sometimes during the depression cycle, empathetic people turn their empathy inward, igniting their ability to feel emotions against themselves. One antidote for depression is to serve others and turn empathy outward. It ignites the love, compassion, empathy, care, and concern emotions in the neocortex of your brain. A functioning neocortex will confront the negative emotions […]

Fun with Mis-matched Libidos

  Every libido is a unique fingerprint woven together by a variety of complex factors: interests, fantasies, beliefs, values, morality, physical body, preferences in activities, settings, sensitivity of touch, frequency and type of activity, and on and ON! With such a broad spectrum, many folks who believe they, or their partner, might be unhealthy or […]

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