At Revitalist, we strive to advocate for people groups, educate the masses, and erase the stigma of mental health to address these issues and bring a sense of peace in our area, other parts of the state, our country, and globally.

One group we for which have recently been investigating how we can serve is athletes and athletics in general. The world of Ketamine treatment and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) could have the potential to make a huge impact on the health and wellness of athletes. Areas of potential impact include concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), substance abuse and addiction, emotional and mental health/wellness, and physical pain and injury that come from participation in sports.

The topics of concussions, preventing concussions, and TBI have been holding the attention of sports for years. Contact sports,  such as the NFL, have been leading the way in advocating for higher standards of safety and protocol. We are exploring ways Revitalist might be able to help athletes who have suffered from serious injury or TBI. We have had clients who have found healing from TBI through Ketamine treatment, so we believe the possibilities are there.

Another concern is substance abuse and addiction for athletes. Playing sports opens the door to many different types of substances for athletes, particularly college and professional; some legal and others illegal. Steroids, pain killers, and party drugs are just a few examples of such drugs. Ketamine treatment and KAP have been proven effective in treating addictions throughout the nation. At Revitalist, we have seen many patients overcome harsh addictions through treatment and KAP.

Many professional athletes struggle with emotional and mental disorders of all kinds. The pressure they feel to succeed and avoid significant injury creates issues such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorders, and addictions. Ketamine has the potential to relieve athletes of these detrimental issues. At Revitalist, people have found healing through Ketamine treatment and KAP, including disorders as complicated as Borderline Personality Disorder, suicidality, and Major Depressive Disorders.

Lastly, the wear and tear on the body of playing sports is severe. Backs, knees, Achilles, and so many other parts of the body suffer from the stressful exposure from the physicality of sports. Ketamine could be a very effective way to relieve athletes of that pain. Yes. We have also seen many people overcome some challenging physical pain at Revitalist.

The future is exciting in the world of Ketamine treatment and KAP and its relationship to sports. There are so many of us who are entertained by sports of all ages. Let’s take care of those who entertain us. Ketamine treatment and KAP seems to be a great way to do so.

Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash