We are feeling a great deal of stress these days. A worldwide pandemic, the inability to rationally discuss differing political and religious views, social media, racial and gender tensions, technology angst, constant exposure to screens, and the like, all create anxiety for a majority of our population. Unfortunately, anxiety is one of the springboards for many mental and emotional health issues, particularly depression.

Advocating for people groups, educating, and erasing the stigma of mental health remain a critical task for mental health providers in days like these. Without these aspects, people remain caught without the ability to regulate their emotions or find healing from various traumas. In turn, we find our society wrestling individually with all the tension we see on the news, and likewise, feel on all the social platforms.

At Revitalist, we strive to advocate for people groups, educate the masses, and erase the stigma of mental health to address these issues and bring a sense of peace in our area, other parts of the state, our country, and globally.

Recently, members of our staff have shared with the Farragut Rotary Club about mental health issues and ways they can understand and support the wellness of people in our community. Similarly, we spoke to senior students in a Professional Aspects course at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Anesthesia School sharing with them business aspects as anesthesia professionals. These opportunities and others like it, provide the opportunity to change mental health as we have known it.

Katie Walker and the staff at Revitalist share a wealth of experience and knowledge serving people who suffer from mental and emotional health crises. More specifically, they have helped those for which traditional medicines have not helped. Many professionals in the medical and mental health fields have entrusted the lives of their clients and patients to us because they know the use of Ketamine Infusions and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy provide an impactful healing experience. Likewise, the care we provide is cutting edge in the transformation of mental health’s toughest issues.

In the coming weeks, I will share with you some of the many ways we continue to support the community in providing exceptional care to those struggling from the throws of anxiety this ever increasingly chaotic world in which we live. Stay tuned to see how you can play a part. As always, feel free to reach out to us. There is help. There is hope.


Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash