Unconditional Self-Acceptance

“Have patience with all things but first with yourself.  Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.  You’re a perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you exist.  And no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that.  Unconditional self-acceptance is the core of a peaceful mind.” St. Francis de Sales […]

I’m a Joker?

I’ve had people ask my thoughts on Todd Phillips’ movie, Joker.  So I thought I’d share them here. HOW DID I GET HERE? People often agonize in my office over how and why they have come to the place they find themselves.  What happened?  How did I get here?  My answer? You didn’t wake up […]

You Gotta Have Faith

Are you humming the song after reading that title? Let me help by posting the video. …caution…the video is a bit risque for some. Proceed with caution. For those who were already humming the song, enjoy your youth again. George Micheal gets it. Maybe we should think about it in terms of our mental/brain health. […]


Today, my family and I remember the passing of my father two years ago.  It’s been a long road of grief, as we watched for years as his body slowly deteriorated from spinal stenosis and eventually glioblastoma.  Anniversaries and seasons are tough, particularly baseball season.  The consummate Houston Astros fan, he passed weeks before they […]

Keep Talking…I Yawn When I’m Interested

Ever had that awkward moment when you yawn while listening to someone? Try being a therapist. It can make for really awkward moments. Have you ever yawned and watched others yawn back? In high school, a friend and I used to walk in front of our geometry class and yawn loudly, while the other counted […]

Signs Its Time you Need Therapy

  As a therapist, I’m often asked, “How do I know I (or someone I love) need(s) therapy?”  Here are the signs I usually give folk to consider.  Understand, this is not a comprehensive list, THERE ARE MANY MORE REASONS, but these are for people wondering if they should consider therapy and the answer isn’t […]

Smile, Laugh, Flail

In 2008, a video surfaced on YouTube entitled Where the Hell Is Matt? Almost 52 million views later, it still brings me boundless joy to watch.  If you want to know more about it, here is the website. https://www.wheretheheckismatt.com/ The song resides on my playlist and I return to the video often when I need […]

Post Partum and Mental Health

by Flo Paquet Warning, a highly tragic news story is about to be mentioned.  On May 7th a woman from our neck of the woods – Seymour, TN, was found, wrists scratched, and with her two infants unresponsive in the bath tub. I hear this story on the coattails of many others first hand, this […]

Scale It Out

Do you ever struggle to communicate with others?  A spouse?  Children? Co-Workers?  Effective communication precludes healthy relationships.  However, it requires work and effort to succeed in communication.  After a long day or a stressful situation, who has the energy to do the work required to communicate effectively? To help, use a scale (1-10) to help […]

The Social Brain

Did you know the brain was social?  Positive social interaction promotes brain health and overall wellness. Dialogue exercises our language skills, which helps to keep parts of the brain connected to other neural structures.  It requires social interaction, nurturing our brain’s social functions. It all helps to slow the decline of cognitive abilities.   Conversing […]