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Intravenous (IV) infusions are the most efficient way to receive vitamins. While oral vitamins are only absorbed at around 40 percent, research shows that IV vitamins can be absorbed by up to 90 percent. This is because the vitamins are injected straight into a vein, which directly goes to your bloodstream. When you take vitamins orally, your body has to metabolize them as they go through your digestive system.

An intravenous infusion is the fastest way to deliver vitamins, medications, and fluids into the body. At Revitalist, when receiving vitamins this way, they are administered by way of infusion with additional fluid to protect the vein from irritation. Intravenous therapy is a good option for you if you have electrolyte imbalances or need extra hydration. These infusions usually last 4-6 weeks and take around 30 minutes to an hour to infuse depending on what vitamin you receive. During each infusion, you will be in a spa-like environment, so this is your time to relax and revitalize your health!

Intravenous vitamin infusion therapy brings vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and hydration right to the cells. Revitalist’s vitamin infusions are carefully researched mixtures of specific vitamins and minerals that are delivered through this efficient route.

Society’s increased dependency on processed foods has equated a lack of necessary nutrients in the everyday modern diet. Furthermore, an increase of digestive complications among the public means that nutrients that ARE ingested in our diets are no longer getting 100% absorption. Intravenous vitamin therapy allows vitamins to bypass the digestive system and enter directly into the bloodstream and organs, ensuring full absorption at the cellular level.

There is no loss due to absorption failure or inability to consume enough liquids and nutrients orally. It is true that vitamins can be orally ingested; however, often the patients that need these vitamins the most are not able to absorb them due to food sensitivities, indigestion, or other medical conditions that impede adequate absorption.

What are the types of Vitamin Infusions?

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