There are so many sources for information out there in the world of the internet, but how do you know which sources to trust? In the world of mental health, there exists a variety of approaches to help people find balance and integration. Likewise, in the world of medicine, there exists a variety of approaches to provide medication or other procedures to help people find wellness. It can be overwhelming to know what approaches are best for your wellness.

At Revitalist, we are often referred to as a Ketamine clinic. However, we offer so much more than ketamine infusion therapy to help the community. As a part of treatment, we attempt to educate our patients about the medical and therapeutic approaches available and how a holistic approach to wellness better benefits them. Furthermore, we offer several options to help people achieve and maintain a healthy and integrated lifestyle such as vitamin infusions, low dose ketamine infusions, acupuncture, Spravato treatments, and psychotherapy to name a few.

The staff believes and understands the importance behind sharing what we have each learned from our own expertise, education, and experience in the field. We do so in order to be an advocate for you in understanding treatment and what might be the best approach or approaches for you. We work to this end to help you understand all the information you read on the internet in order that you be able to make more informed decisions about achieving and maintaining wellness.

Another way we advocate for our patients is by using our unique areas of expertise to connect the medical and mental health worlds. By developing relationships with professionals in the field of mental health and overall wellness, we are able to help provide a deeper well of resources for patients to find the best treatment for themselves. Likewise, we understand the similarities and differences in what each professional group offers because we have professionals from each area helping our patients. As a result, we have been able to bring together these areas to work for the good of our patients.

Lastly, we provide a number of educational opportunities to help the community understand mental health concerns. We work hard to address the stigma of mental health, so that anyone will be able and willing to receive the help they need to live the life they deserve. At Revitalist, we strive to advocate for people groups, educate the masses, and erase the stigma of mental health to address these issues and bring a sense of peace in our community, other parts of the state, our country, and globally.

How can we be your advocate?


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash