Jennifer Hultz nurse anesthestist Knoxville TN

ABOUT Jennifer Hultz

MSN-Anesthesia, CRNA, APRN

Jennifer grew up in Virginia and frequently enjoyed the beauty of both the mountains and ocean. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Randolph-Macon College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Pre-Medical Emphasis and a Minor in Chemistry.

Jennifer furthered her education and experience by also obtaining her Bachelors in Nursing where she also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins University is one of the top-ranked universities in the country as voted by US News and World Report for 2017-2018.

After her distinguished work in the Intensive Care Unit at The University of Virginia Medical Centers Cardiac Care Unit, Jennifer then went on to pursue her goal of being a nurse anesthestist. She obtained her Masters of Science degree with a concentration in Nurse Anesthesia from the prestigious Georgetown University.

Jennifer has since obtained over ten years of experience administering anesthesia to many surgical specialties in the hospital environment including limited access areas such as the operating room, cardiology suites, obstetrical suites, intensive care units as well as outpatient settings such as same day surgery centers.

Jennifer has a philanthropic passion within the world of medicine. She traveled to Haiti seven days after their major earthquake in 2010 to provide anesthesia care to the devastated and critically injured Haitian population in what is termed “battlefield anesthesia.” Jennifer has also traveled to Honduras on multiple occasions to provide medical mission work to their native, underserved population.

She is excited to facilitate this cutting edge treatment for a variety of resistant conditions for the greater East Tennessee population. Jennifer’s goals in the near future include furthering her education and experience by conducting federally approved research on current ground breaking treatments that will best benefit patients and their care.

Jennifer’s nursing background has allowed her exposure to many different types of patients and associated treatment of their primary condition with co-existing psychological disorders in intensive care units and operating rooms. Nurse anesthetists have extensive training with sedation of patients presenting with a wide array of medical conditions, including psychological and pain disorders. Anesthetists are trained to sedate patients with extreme psychological conditions and treatments including, but not limited to, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT Therapy).

Jennifer’s love of medicine and nursing continues to thrive as she seeks continued opportunity to help others with her extensive education and experience. Jennifer’s love of chemistry and patient physiology has continued to excel as she continues to provide excellent care to all individuals that she assumes under her care.

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