FLORENCE “FLO” PAQUET, LMSW talk therapy Knoxville TN

ABOUT Florence “Flo” Paquet, LMSW

I typically work with

  • folks who understand  that their ability to show up to their loved ones, and the world around them, is directly connected to their internal wellbeing. They care about their effect on others, and yearn to have a compassionate impact.
  • healers, artists, activists, soulpreneurs — who feel they cannot show up to their vision due to burn out, overwhelm, and caring about others before themselves.
  • mature adolescents and young adults — who don’t like where they are, how they feel, or like they don’t know themselves right now
  • pregnant or post-partum people — who want to birth at home, are struggling with birth trauma, pregnancy induced disorders and/or emergence of childhood trauma
  • holistic health minded, liberal Christian, and/or or alternative spirituality oriented folks

My approach:

I use a very different approach from traditional talk therapy called AAIT (Acceptance and Integration Training ™) My sessions spend less time exploring narrative, and more time learning and using exercises that access deep meditative states. I empower my clients to become their own healers, and not just to heal, but to grow and evolve.

Clients enjoy:

  • that we jump right in and quickly get to a point where we have sessions only monthly, seasonally or not at all!
  • the highly active, collaborative, interactive approach I use
  • that they are encouraged to be directive and learn to empower their own healing
  • the less hierarchical/formal style

My background, experience, and education:

  • BSSW and MSSW at UT – did the “macro” route (community engagement, policy advocacy, social activism, and non-profit mgmt)
  • Non-profit event planning and development
  • Full spectrum doula (births including early termination and miscarriage, pregnant people who do not identify with gendered or binary terms)
  • Working with children journeying with complex trauma in school and foster care settings
  • Several year and months long immersive training’s in Acceptance and Integration Training and Reiki II

I’m all about facilitating your rite of passage, through pains of all kinds, to manifest your vision and liberate your true self from trauma and reactivity