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StandKind Mental Wellness Group Coaching

In Fall 2022, Stand4Kind and Revitalist Lifestyle & Wellness will introduce a virtual mental wellness coaching group for adolescents (ages 10-17). The weekly virtual group will be facilitated by a licensed therapist who will employ a five-week-long curriculum to help promote awareness, education, and skills related to brain health.

Nurturing Adolescent Brain Health

Our goal is to provide awareness, advocacy, support, and skill building in real-time. Adolescents will learn and process practical and evidenced-based skills to their daily routine by learning about five areas of brain health and how to best take care of their brain on a daily basis. Group members will process social and cultural barriers to improving brain health, and members will develop and practice self-care to manage stress, promote emotional regulation, increase mindfulness, and set boundaries with others. 

Adolescents involved in our program will also receive access to our online curriculum resources, including the secure Stand4kind app with a private group for StandKind Coaching. This will allow you to access materials used in our group, receive motivational messages, and find access to mental wellness resources.

Mental Wellness Group Coaching

What are the Benefits?

True healing begins in group settings. Under this virtual mental wellness coaching, adolescents will be trained on how to identify and work through mental health issues.

Mental Wellness Coaching Group Schedule

Finding real mental wellness takes time. Read below to learn how the program is structured.

week 1

The Physical Brain

Taking care of our bodies and environment

week 2

The Thinking Brain

Taking care of our inner world

week 3

The Emotional Brain

Taking care of our thoughts, feelings, and relationships

week 4

The Holistic Brain

Taking care of our relationship with the world

week 5

The Student Brain

Taking care of our school-life balance

Are You Interested?

For More Information, please email StandKind@Revitalist.com