What Do You Stand For?

“There’s a problem in our schools: students are feeling abused, forgotten and bullied. A 2017 survey of Knox County public high-school students found that more than a third had experienced depression or hopelessness for two consecutive weeks or more last year.

In TN, we lose one person between the ages of 10-24 every four days to suicide. This has to change, and the change starts with us.

The national organization Stand4Kind, subset of the Anti-Bullying Coalition, provides a way to replace negativity with positivity, by bringing kind actions and feelings into schools, organizations and communities. This campaign encourages kindness, empathy and integrity.

Revitalist has partnered up with Stand4Kind to create an Awareness Campaign here in Knoxville called #StandKind. Free Scavenger Hunts are available where schools and organizations can earn points to exchange for rewards including gift certificates, baskets, iPads and more! 

Email Contact@RevitalistClinic.com to enter your group and compete with other groups all over the nation!

Help Knoxville become the first recognized premier city in helping decreases bullying behavior by teaching kindness!

#StandKind Knoxville

Download the App and Report Random Acts of Kindness!

Be rewarded for being kind. It’s a win-win! Show an act of kindness, report it through our Find Kind app, get rewards, repeat! This app is the portal to a kinder world.

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