Our Immune Boost is a Myers' Cocktail Infusion ~ $150


  • Consultation with nurse anesthesiologist reviewing detailed medical history and current symptoms
  • Recommendations on vitamin therapy for achieving overall improved health and wellness
  • Private, spa-like infusion environment
  • Numbing medication used for IV insertion by highly skilled and experienced nursing staff

The Ultimate IV Vitamin Infusion

Myers’ Cocktail, named for its inventor John Myers, M.D., a Johns Hopkins physician who developed it in the 1970s, is a powerful combination of essential vitamins and minerals including important antioxidants. This combination of nutrients that Myers discovered may help patients battle a number of health conditions.

In addition to helping patients battle illness and other chronic health conditions, Dr. Myers discovered this cocktail can also work wonders for patients in good health, helping them to detoxify so they can achieve a better balance of healthy nutrients, boost their immune systems, improve their metabolisms and provide vital energy throughout their bodies.

When to Infuse?

Each patient is different, however, common administration is once monthly for optimal effects. At Revitalist, we know the science behind the ingredients. We do not use pre-mixed vitamins as may be common in the vitamin infusion industry. We are able to tailor each infusion to meet the client specifically where their needs are, adjusting doses of each vitamin accordingly. Sometimes patients need more frequent or less frequent infusions, but we adjust according to your needs to optimize your cell health to keep your body functioning at the highest levels.

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