Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a service offered by Revitalist in conjunction with The Middle Path, offering nine hours of therapy in three separate, three-hour sessions for six weeks. This program applies to any individual struggling with co-existing mental health conditions.

IOP is led by a certified therapist trained in an agreed-upon curriculum by Revitalist and The Middle Path. IOP is an effective option for clients who have completed their KAP series or clients who are looking for dialectical behavioral therapy skills, psychoeducation, and group support. Many patients utilize this program for additional support before trying psychedelics or after completing the ketamine therapy program.

This service offering aims to provide additional options for individuals seeking care for mental health conditions.

Benefits of IOP

  • Integration of progress made from KAP to bolster mental health and wellness while learning to foster a more balanced life.
  • It allows participants to build strong support networks in a safe space with others who have benefited from healing with KAP.
  • Learn practical skills that help regulate mood, increase effective interpersonal skills, and build healthy coping mechanisms reducing the need for additional interventions.

Insurance often covers this program when the patient meets the appropriate requirements for insurance acceptance. IOP is a self-referred program. Revitalist offers this service to provide additional support and guidance for all clients struggling with co-existing mental health symptoms.

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If you are treatment-resistant with chronic mood or pain conditions (by failing two or more therapeutic measures, i.e., therapy and medication), you would be eligible for a New Client Consultation lasting approximately 60 minutes with a provider.