IV Vitamin Membership

Vitamin Infusion Membership

Member Details

Cost: $100 per month

Membership includes One (1) vitamin infusion per month.  

IV Therapy Benefits

Infusion Menu

Myer’s Cocktail

Migraine Relief

Metabolism Boost

Immune Boost

Anxiety Relief

Muscle Recovery


High Dose Vitamin C 25g

GI Recovery

Allergy Relief

Fountain of Youth

Referral Program

For each membership referral members will receive a free add-on!

**Add-on credited after new member receives their first infusion after signing up for membership**

Membership FAQs

**(50g and 75g High Dose Vitamin C are excluded from the Membership)**

Member will receive 10% off all add-ons or additional vitamin infusions every month.

Friends and family receive 10% of infusions when accompanied by member.

Infusions can be accrued month to month but must be used by member while membership is currently active. You may gift up to two (2) accrued infusions per year.
**you must be present at the time of gifted appointment**

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