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Spravato Enrollment Information Requirements

After speaking with your mental health prescriber and agreeing this may be the best option for you and your condition, please visit and click “Patient Enrollment”. Please review “Spravato Medication Guide” and “Spravato Instructions For Use” found at the bottom of the page.

It is mandatory to have a direct referral from a mental health provider before being considered for treatment with Spravato. Your mental health provider may call (865) 290-2465 to refer you directly, or they may visit and click “Ketamine”, and then “Provider” to fill out a referral form.

Once a referral has been received it is then necessary to schedule a consultation with a provider at Revitalist. This will be a comprehensive consultation that will include completion of the Patient Enrollment Form if all criteria for candidacy are met.

*Patients must be enrolled in the SPRAVATO™ REMS in order to receive SPRAVATO™ treatment.*

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