Consulting Services for Your Ketamine Practice

Revitalist offers onsite and over the phone consulting for clinicians and therapists across the United States and United Kingdom to optimize care provided by facilities offering low-dose ketamine infusions, vitamin infusions, therapy (personal and group), and other comprehensive services including acupuncture, massage, and community support groups.

Revitalist has been a full-time comprehensive wellness center since the beginning of 2018, composed of nurse anesthesiologists and psychotherapists. The providers bring over 30 years anesthesia and critical care experience along with master and doctorate level trained psychotherapists allowing for optimal integration of each speciality. Revitalist also highlights their experience in speaking with specialty providers outside their facility in order to optimize treatment modalities and results for clients and their providers.

Ketamine clinics are a new and upcoming outpatient service that stretches beyond typical models due to the extent of high acuity and complex conditions that are presented of a treatment-resistant nature.

Revitalist feels that every opportunity should be made available to help providers have the best facility, skills, education, and presentation to clients and specialists outside of ketamine clinics in order to address these complex conditions in a way that optimizes your clinic and community.

Revitalist is proud to offer nurse anesthesiologists, psychotherapists, nurses, intake coordinators, office managers, medical assistants, acupuncturists, massage therapists and more to best support goals for your facility and your patients.

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